Fighting Ag Pests and Diseases  |  Lugar Addresses IUPUI at 50  |   Statesmanship  |  Bipartisan Agenda
February 2019

Fighting Ag Pests and Diseases    Lugar Addresses IUPUI at 50    Statesmanship    Bipartisan Agenda

Leading the Charge Against Agricultural Pests and Diseases

Washington, DC - Over the last 50 years, U.S. leadership in agriculture research has sparked a revolution in agriculture disease prevention, protecting food supplies at home and abroad. See how continued public investment in agriculture sciences can fight emerging threats in this new brief from The Lugar Center. READ HERE.

Fmr. Sen. Lugar Commemorates 50 Years of IUPUI

Indianapolis, IN - As Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis turned 50 on January 24, Fmr. Sen. Lugar joined a bipartisan coterie of past and present Indianapolis mayors to discuss the lasting and continuing impact of IUPUI's work, as well as charting a course for the future. Lugar himself was key in the creation of IUPUI in 1969 during his tenure as mayor. WATCH HERE.

In Search of Statesmen

Washington, DC - "The United States will need leaders in both parties to display a quality that has been in short supply in our country in recent years: statesmanship," writes John Shaw of SIU's Paul Simon Public Policy Institute in a January 13 op-ed. Shaw urges members of both houses of Congress to be "statesmen," working in the public interest instead of the party's. READ HERE.

"A Bipartisan Agenda for 2019"

Sarasota, FL - In this January 14 op-ed in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL) writes, "Bipartisanship is absolutely critical to finding solutions for the most challenging issues facing our nation." Drawing on his score on the Bipartisan Index, Buchanan calls for increased bipartisanship as the new Congress gets underwayREAD HERE.


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