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March 2018


Rex Tillerson and Cardin-Lugar

Former Dallas Fed President Fisher Visits


Top 5% Think Tank Again!

Philadelphia, PA - The University of Pennsylvania's Lauder Institute Think Tank and Civil Societies Program has ranked the Lugar Center in the top 5% of think tanks in the United States. This is the second year in a row that the Lugar Center has been rated a top think tank, and in 2014 and 2015, Lauder designated the Lugar Center a "Best New Think Tank."

Can We Talk? at DePauw

Greencastle, IN - Former Senator Richard Lugar (R) and former Representative Lee Hamilton (D) spoke with students at DePauw University at an event entitled "Can We Talk?: Restoring Civility in Public and Political Discourse in the U.S. and Abroad." The Bipartisan colleagues discussed the need for meaningful civic engagement, especially with younger generations.

Biotech Skepticism is Irresponsible

Washington, DC - The latest from the TLC Blog explores the biotechnology breakthroughs that are rapidly changing the way we eat, both in America and abroad. Despite media assertions otherwise, skepticism of these revolutionary discoveries isn't just ignorant - it's irresponsible.

Fixing Foggy Bottom

Washington, DC - Although the Trump administration's desire to reexamine the roles USAID and the Department of State can lead to more effective foreign policy, it is important that each agency retains its unique mission and engage with international partners in effective ways write Richard Lugar and Thomas Pickering.


"Americans Deserve a Better Balance of Power"

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