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April 2018


Don't Kill Cardin-Lugar

What's Next for Foreign Aid Evaluations?


America's Global Role: Lugar at Indiana University

Bloomington, IN - Two retired Indiana Statesmen, Senator Richard Lugar and Representative Lee Hamilton, co-convened the third annual America‚Äôs Role in the World Conference at Indiana University's SGIS on March 28-29, sharing their views on American leadership on the global stage. View Senator Lugar's panels on congressional foreign policymaking and global food security. 

Modernize U.S. Food Aid Policy

Washington, DC - In a new blog post published March 15, Former Senator Lugar writes, "Food for Peace has been an unqualified American success story, but it was enacted during the Eisenhower administration. While it has been updated from time to time, it is due for a thorough modernization."

NBC's Andrea Mitchell Visits

Washington, DC - The ninth speaker of the Lugar Diplomacy Series, journalist Andrea Mitchell spoke with more than a dozen diplomats from around the world on March 7, reflecting on her time covering foreign affairs during seven presidential administrations. Former Senator Richard Lugar noted, "Mitchell has a well-deserved reputation for thoroughness and fairness in her reporting."

The State of Our Union: Lugar Reflects

Evansville, IN - In a discussion with University of Evansville president Dr. Tom Kazee, Former Senator Richard Lugar provided "constructive criticism" to the current administration, and expressed optimism towards the resilience of American leaders, citizens, and institutions on March 20.


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