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April 2019
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Fresh Bipartisan Index Data

Washington, DC - The Lugar Center is proud to announce the March 19 release of updated Bipartisan Index data for 2017-2018. The Index, created in partnership with Georgetown University's McCourt School of Public Policy, is a nonpartisan, quantitative measure of across-the-aisle cooperation in the House and Senate. Read TLC's summary and analysis here, and see how your Senators and Representatives scored here.

IU Unveils Lugar Senate Papers

Bloomington, IN - Experience fmr. Sen. Lugar's 50+ years of local, state, national, and international leadership in a new exhibition at Indiana University Bloomington's Lilly Library. Hundreds of documents, photographs, and items, a fraction of the full archives of fmr. Sen. Lugar's Senate papers, were unveiled in a March 22 opening reception and will be on exhibit through July 26. READ HERE.

"Global Corruption is a Threat to National Security"

Washington, DC - "Kleptocratic states" breed terrorism, mass migrations, and instability, writes TLC expert Jay Branegan in this March 7 blog post. Bipartisan initiatives for transparency, urge authorities on corruption, can aid the development of resource-rich countries while also stymying corruption in extractive industries. READ HERE.

Why Veterans Could Be the Key to Ending Partisan Politics

Quad Cities, IL - Values of service promote bipartisanship among veterans in Congress, writes Katie Moritz for WVIK Quad Cities NPR. Citing The Lugar Center's Bipartisan Index, Moritz examines trends in bipartisan cooperation among former servicemembers on Capitol Hill in this March 8 article. READ HERE.


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