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May 2018


Congress Needs More Cooperation

Event: Improving Aid Through Evaluations


2017 Bipartisan Index Released

Washington, DC - The Lugar Center and Georgetown's McCourt School jointly released updated rankings for the Bipartisan Index to include legislative actions for the first session of the 115thCongress. How did your members of Congress score? Review the numbers for yourself here.

Agriculture Science: An Investment in Our Future

Washington, DC - The Lugar Center has taken on the task of building a coalition of organizations to support more public agricultural research funding. In an April 17 blog post, Former Senator Lugar outlines why agricultural science is so important today- and how the organizations' principles can help feed the world.

What's Next if North Korea Talks Succeed?

Washington, DC - In this Washington Post op-ed from April 23, Former Senators Richard Lugar and Sam Nunn express cautious optimism towards possible US - North Korea talks. Even if a deal is struck, they argue, there is a lot of work to do. For that, Americans should look to diplomatic tools like those Nunn and Lugar created as the Cold War thawed.

Exposing Oil Corruption

London, UK - A new investigation by British NGO Global Witness into a $120 million ExxonMobil deal in Liberia underscores the need for transparency initiatives like Cardin-Lugar and the benefits of similar programs. Lugar Center fellow Jay Branegan writes in an April 4 blog post, "This illustrates why it’s so important for the SEC to re-issue a strong rule implementing Cardin-Lugar, and why Congress should not give in to the oil industry."


"Investigate Executive Overreach!"

Too often, presidential mandate takes the place of legislative process. Support the Lugar Center's initiative to build a Congressional Committee Oversight Map to empower the public and encourage supervision of the White House. Give here.

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