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The Bipartisanship Issue

June 2018 Newsletter


Sen. Susan Collins (ME) Tops the Index

Rep. John Katko (NY) "Proud" of Index Standing


Lugar: Look to the Index

Washington, DC - Following the release of new data for 2017, Fmr Sen. Lugar discusses the Bipartisan Index with Tim Farley of Sirius XM Radio, and analyzes what the new scores mean in context of the current political climate, on May 3.

Partisan Polarization in the Badger State

Madison, WI - "Wisconsin's representatives in Washington must do better," writes Madison.com, citing the Lugar Center's Bipartisan Index for Representatives' and Senators' bipartisan behavior. In this April 29 editorial, the Wisconsin State Journal Editorial Board examines how Wisconsin's delegation measures up. 

Bipartisanship Is Not Dead

Cleveland, OH - In a May 8 radio interview, TLC expert Jay Branegan shares with WCPN Ideastream some of the key findings, nuances, and methods of the latest update of the Bipartisan Index. How does Ohio's delegation fare, and how will bipartisanship affect the 2018 elections in Ohio and beyond?

Reason's Quiet Warrior

Indianapolis, IN - A new documentary, created in partnership with WFYI Indianapolis PBS and Franklin College, highlights the life and achievements of Senator Richard Lugar, emphasizing his bipartisan goals and accomplishments during his 36 years as a U.S. Senator. The documentary premiered on May 21.

Bipartisanship Wins Out for DACA

Washington, DC - In a May 16 blog post, a TLC expert examines a recent move in the House of Representatives to force a definitive vote on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) legislation. For this to happen, though, it will require the signatures of a majority of the House- and, perhaps unsurprisingly, those leading the charge top the Bipartisan Index.

A Voice of Reason

Fort Wayne, IN - The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette reports Fmr Sen. Lugar's take on the 2018 primaries in a May 20 editorial. Citing the most recent Bipartisan Index release, Lugar states, "a very large number of Hoosiers as well as other Americans are very much concerned about the lack of progress in Congress."

2017 Bipartisan Index Released

Washington, DC - "The Bipartisan Index is a non-partisan tool that measures the degree to which Senators and Representatives work across party lines on legislation. The latest data reflects significant shifts in bipartisan behavior in the Senate, where Republican scores improved to their highest levels since 2008, while scores of Senate Democrats declined sharply to near record lows." See how your Representative and Senators scored here.


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