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August 2018


Korea Herald: Nunn-Lugar Paves the Way

No Burden, No Harm to Extractives Transparency


USTR Carla Hill Visits

Washington, DC- As U.S. trade relations buckle under controversial pressure, former U.S. Trade Representative Carla Hills joined Former Senator Lugar and representatives of over a dozen diverse countries as the 10th guest of the Lugar Diplomacy Series on July 17. As one of the chief negotiators of NAFTA, Ms. Hills stressed the importance of global cooperation in trade to encourage peace and prosperity.

TLC Partners with SIU

Carbondale, IL- As Congressional town halls have become more vitriolic, Americans have lost a crucial interface with their representatives. The Lugar Center is partnering with Southern Illinois University through TLC's University Project to bring civility back to town halls. A July 11 profile from SIU News details the scope and activities of the joint project.

Bay State Bipartisanship

Boston, MA- With the 2018 election season underway, how does Massachusetts' delegation fare on the Bipartisan Index? MassInc's The Commonwealth investigates their state's Representatives and Senators to see how they measure up in this July 10th article.

"An Investment in Our Future"

Washington, DC - Public investment in agriculture science has slowed and stagnated over the past 15 years, allowing other countries to eagerly pick up the slack. The Lugar Center's Principles for Public Investment in Agriculture Sciences detail the benefits of investment both at home and abroad.


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