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October 2017



Richard Lugar Lends Support for Bipartisan Anti-Hazing Bill

Lugar, Prominent Republicans Urge SCOTUS to End Gerrymandering


Lugar Center Bipartisan Impact:  Wisconsin Leadership

Milwaukee, WI -  Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R) and Rep. Ron Kind (D) write in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel op-ed that they "work hard to take the responsibility of public service seriously. Bipartisanship and accountability not only still exist in Congress, but are the keys to political and legislative success."  The Bipartisan Index encourages legislators to make cooperation and civility a talking point of progress.

Foreign Assistance Recommendations From The Lugar Center

Washington, DC - The Lugar Center's Foreign Aid Effectiveness and Global Food Security teams have been busy with a variety of programs to ensure that US foreign assistance reaches the most people, has the greatest impact, and supports US global leadership while being respectful of American taxpayers, and that food insecurity becomes a thing of the past through sustainable solutions.

Lugar Says One-sided Primaries Hurt Congress

Indianapolis, IN - “It’s more and more the case that members are entirely dependent on the primary election, and perhaps because of that they are not as willing to be productive legislators,” Lugar said.  He added, “they are not pushing monumental efforts to address big issues, and they are not building bipartisan coalitions.”

Cardin-Lugar Transparency Rule Update 

Washington, DC- In one of its first acts of lawmaking, the Trump Administration, with the Republican-controlled Congress, rescinded a pending Securities and Exchange Commission rule. The regulation, which was mandated by a law co-sponsored by former Republican Senator Richard Lugar and Democratic Senator Ben Cardin, was designed to combat bribery and corruption in the oil and mining sectors, especially in poor countries governed by kleptocrats.

Lugar Critiques U.S. Foreign Policy at New Mexico State University

Las Cruces, NM - Somber news launched the 2017 Domenici Policy Conference in Las Cruces on September 13: Longtime former U.S. senator and conference namesake Pete Domenici died earlier the same morning in Albuquerque. Former Sen. Richard Lugar, a Republican from Indiana, noted that he and Domenici served together for 32 years in the Senate.

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